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  • All Star Crispo 384.00
    Double crispy chicken with double cheese and extra signature sauce on iceberg
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  • Crispo Smash 244.00
    Crispy chicken topped with iceberg,cheese and our signature sauce
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  • Perinaise Flame 279.00
    Grilled chicken topped with cheese, tomato, onion ring with our in house perinaise sauce
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  • Mushroom Knight 349.00
    Juicy grilled beef patty topped with cheese & our signature BBQ sauce sotye onion &…
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  • BBQ Supreme 279.00
    Grilled chicken with pan soteyed capcicum onion in BBQ sauce & topped with cheese
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  • Juicy All Out 279.00335.00
    Chicken grilled patty topped with cheese, iceberg, tomato, onion rings with our in house fajita…
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  • Brooklyn Bay 489.00
    Crispy Onion,iceberg on top of 3 juicy beef patty, 3 cheese slices ,iceberg and our…
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  • Jalepeno Bite 279.00335.00
    Chicken grilled topped with cheese, iceberg, jalapenos, onion rings & our signature sauce
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Tomatoe based lightly spiced sauce with penne pasta


Deep fried wings


Deep fried or grilled


2 Crispo Smash + 2 Drinks

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